Synthetic Enamel

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National   Synthetic   Enamel   paints  are  specially   developed   to provide superior interior and exterior protection. It is based on modified alkyd resins and contains pigments, additives etc.

Product Range:

Enamel Gloss I • Enamel Gloss II • Eco Enamel (Lead Free)
• Industrial Quick Dry Enamel.


•  Tough, durable and weather resistant.
•  Has good flow and gloss retention.
•  Gives smooth glossy, semi glossy and matt finish.
•  High Coverage.

Recommended  Uses:

It is recommended for use on concrete, metal and wooden surfaces and is also suitable for painting heavy equipments and vehicles.

Theoretical Spreading Rate:

14 m2 /litre depending  on application  method,  nature of surface, film thickness etc. ·

Application  Method and Thinning:

Roller,  brush  or  spray.  For  thinning  add  5-15%  National  G.P Thinner/ National Q.D Thinner (depending on application  method and the  product).

Touch Dry (Minimum):

Enamel  Gloss   I  (6  hours),Enamel  Gloss   II  (2-3  hours),  Eco
Enamel (3 hours),Industrial Quick Dry Enamel (5- lO minutes)


Specific  colors  other  than  our  standard  shades  can  be created through National Computerized  Color Tinting System that offers a wide selection of shades.


National Synthetic Enamel  Paints are available also in sem i gloss finish and fiat finish. For further  information  on surface  prepara­ tion and suitable system, please refer to National Technical Data Sheets.